Selling Your Book

We love authors and wish all of you great success! However, the store is going through a very difficult time right now, so please read the following guidelines before contact us.

If you're a self-published or independently published author: We congratulate you on your success! You're welcome to mail/email information on your book, and it if it's available from our regular distributors and something that would interest our customers, we may add it to our list of books to order. We are not taking books on consignment right now, however.

If you're a traditionally published author: Looking to arrange a book-signing, reading or other promotional event? Please contact our Events Coordinator. Please include as much information as you can: your name, the title, a picture of the cover (if you have it), and a very short synopsis, as well as any links to your website, the publisher’s and reviews. We’ll weigh the potential sales, cost, interest to our buyers, competition, etc. to determine whether the book is a good fit for our store.

For all authors, please DO NOT call or just show up at the store. As much as we may be happy to meet you, we're more than likely in the middle of a dozen other tasks and can't make a decision about any book or author event on the spot. And the telephone is an even worse terrible medium for judging the appeal and saleability of a book.

Thanks for your help! Best of luck with all your creative endeavors!